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Emily Roy – Ballet Instructor





Emily Roy is a graduate of Belhaven University, receiving her BFA in dance with an emphasis in modern dance technique. Through Belhaven, Emily was honored to work closely with renowned dancers and choreographers such as Randall Flinn, Lauren Anderson, Stephanie Powell, Steve Rooks, Ryan Corriston, Laura Morton and Caleb Mitchell. While in Mississippi she collaborated with prominent artists in the Jackson, Mississippi area as a music video choreographer and performer. Emily is specifically featured in Coma Boy by TTOCCS REKARP, which won the National Telly Award and first place in the music video category at Pelican d’Or Film Festival in New Orleans. Emily’s departing work with Belhaven, an extended choreography project, researched the creation and amplification of kinesthetic empathy through vessels such as movement, sound, and spacial identification. She continues this research each time she choreographs around the United States on companies and studios.In 2013, Emily joined Baton Rouge’s premier contemporary company, Of Moving Colors. She was privileged to both dance with the company and choreograph for their world premier, Currant/Current.

In 2014, Emily moved to Houston to join Uptown Dance Company for two seasons. There, she choreographed on Uptown Dance Company II for Dance Infusion 2014 and Dance Infusion 2015 while also working with artists Beth Gulledge-Brown, Krissy Richmond, Tina Bohnstedt, Adrian Ciobanu, and Priscilla Nathan-Murphy. Emily is thrilled her choreography will be performed in Austria summer 2016 by UDCII!

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