Progressions Performing Arts is a studio that believes in both technique and artistry. Hiring excellent experienced instructors from the dance community to instill a strong foundation within their students is PPA’s first goal. Students are taught with the idea that any may choose a career within the dance industry so all should be given the skills necessary to make that choice. PPA also believes that dance is all about fun! We strive to bring that enthusiasm and energy into every class.

Regardless of age, dancers, from three years old to ninety are welcome and encouraged.

PPA offers large, modern rooms with the latest in dance floors, mirrors and stereo equipment — all designed with the dancers in mind.

The parents haven’t been forgotton either. We know that parents enjoy watching their dancers in class – and we welcome parents to do that!

Each of our dance rooms, the four large rooms downstairs and the smaller room upstairs, all have large viewing windows for the parents. Comfortable chairs, several tables, and even a kitchen all provide a place for the parents and dancers alike, to relax and get to know their fellow students and parents.

Dancers enjoy private restrooms and dressing areas where they can change from their street-clothes to their dancewear. A shower is also provided as well as dressing tables with mirrors.

PPA also has a small store located downstairs. The store stocks a variety of dance shoes, tights, leotards and fun things dance related. Cold drinks and several snack options are also provided at an affordable price.

PPA is a family and we want every single dancer, and their families, to feel like they are valued and belong.