Progressions Elite

Company at Progressions Performing Arts is designed to take your child to new levels in dance beyond what they learn in their regular classroom setting. It pushes them to achieve at a fast pace. This team will be comprised of Beginning levels through level 8 through a yearly audition process. All team members will be required to take at least three disciplines: Ballet, Tap and Jazz. Our older team members add the additional discipline of Contemporary.

The key to dance is fun, and performing is an outlet for dancers to enjoy themselves by entertaining others. What your child will experience through this journey is a vast array of skills that will help them not only in dance but also in life’s everyday tasks. They will sharpen their ability to listen and follow directions, create patterns, learn choreography, memorization, practice good sportsmanship, nurture friendships, build teamwork, as well as work on their technique and discipline simultaneously. Dance is a very structured activity that can allow a child to find their inner personality and bring that out through their performance ability.

Come dance at PPA and embark on this adventure here with us. If you have any questions please feel free to talk with me at the studio, or email me at ppaelite@yahoo.com.